Grace Point Church celebrates 70 years of service

Grace Point, Florida (TechRadar) Grace Point is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world.

The historic church is one mile from downtown Orlando, and it’s a short walk from the famed Disney World theme park.

Grace Point’s pastor, the Reverend George Lee, has been in the church for nearly 80 years.

Today, Grace Point welcomes its 70th anniversary.

As of July 2018, the church has a congregation of just over 100 people.

Pastor Lee told TechRadars that he and his congregation celebrated the milestone with a huge party on Saturday, July 17.

“This is the first time I’ve ever celebrated the birthday of the church,” he said.

“I think that’s probably the most beautiful thing that I’ve seen in my life.

I’ve been blessed to be here and I know that the church and the people who live here, they’re happy to be celebrating this birthday with us.”

Grace Point church is known for its beautiful stained glass windows, and its stained glass ceiling in the front of the chapel reflects the beauty of the community it serves.

The stained glass, which dates back to 1848, reflects the community of Christians that came to Florida to escape the civil war in the United States.

It’s been a popular spot for families and guests, and Lee said that his congregation has been a major part of celebrating the anniversary.

“It’s been one of my favorite places to be in Florida because the people that live here are very kind and kind,” he told Techradars.

“They’ve been very supportive, and they’ve helped us make a lot of improvements in the chapel.”

Grace Points congregation grew out of the founding of the Church of Christ in the Woods (COTW) in 1872.

It was established as a boarding school in the 1870s.

Today the church serves students from all over the world, and a majority of its congregation are Christian.

Grace points pastor Lee, who has served in the Episcopal Church for more than 70 years, said that while some people may be confused about the denomination, the members of the COTW are just like everyone else.

“We’re all Americans, and we all want to make this country great again,” he explained.

“The whole country is in pain, and the government is doing nothing.

They’re going to fail.”

The church is not only known for celebrating its anniversary, but also for its service.

Lee said he and the other pastors at the church often spend time in the small chapel with their congregation.

“That’s one of our favorite parts,” he noted.

“And we’ll sit around in the same place.

It has this kind of quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

I think it’s important for people to be around each other.”

One of the biggest improvements Grace Point has made over the years has been the addition of new stained glass.

The church has recently installed new stained-glass windows on its front doors, which reflect the colors of the rainbow.

“These windows are so beautiful,” Lee said.

The new stained windows reflect the beauty and colors of grace and light that the congregation has experienced in the past.

“People have seen the colors that we have in the windows and have asked, ‘Where is that color?'”

Lee said, explaining that it has been used to symbolize that the rainbow is the colors and light of God.

In a way, the color red is the color of the redeemer of all mankind.

“Red is the way that God created us and the way we are supposed to worship him,” Lee added.

“When you see the colors in the stained glass of the windows, it is a reflection of that.

The color red signifies that we are a redeeming people, and that we must always love God with all our heart.”

Another important feature of Grace Point that many people don’t know about is its location.

Lee explained that it is the oldest church in Florida.

The building was originally a boarding house that was destroyed in the Civil War.

Grace Points building was used as a home for missionaries during the war.

The missionaries were stationed in the area during World War II.

Lee’s wife, Carol, is an ex-soldier who served in World War I and World War 2.

Lee is proud to be able to see the legacy of the missionaries who worked at Grace Point during their time in Florida, and is proud of the fact that Grace Point continues to serve the mission field and serve as a church for its members.

“God blessed us with the church that we now call the Church in the Hills,” Lee explained.

He added that there are many other churches that are doing the same thing and that Grace points mission field is a great example.

“A lot of other churches have been building churches in their backyards for years,” Lee told us.

“But when you go into their front yards, you know what’s in them?

The color of grace, and light.

We don’t want to just be a church.