Grace Family Church to serve up chicken in its sanctuary menu

Posted February 02, 2018 10:00:20Grace Family Church in San Antonio, Texas is set to begin serving up chicken at its sanctuary kitchen in a move that could help raise awareness about the importance of animals in the community.

The church’s executive director of catering, Tim Jackson, announced that the sanctuary will begin serving chicken this week, and that the restaurant will be open every day, with no reservations required.

“We are trying to take a stand against a lot of the things that go on in our world right now,” Jackson told NBC station KENS5 in a recent interview.

“So this is a really simple idea, to not use animals.

This is not a restaurant.

It’s a sanctuary.”

Jackson said the sanctuary’s chicken will be sold in the restaurant, and guests will be able to purchase a free “free chicken plate” with their reservation.

“This is an effort to raise awareness of the issue of using animals in our food and the importance we place on the sanctity of animals,” Jackson said.

“I think this is the kind of thing that we can do.”

Jackson hopes to expand the sanctuary food offerings throughout the community, and to expand their offerings to include more local ingredients, such as vegetables.

The church currently serves chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, beef, and eggs.

Jackson said that the chicken will not only be delicious, but will be part of a larger celebration of the church’s mission.

“You know, the church has a very important mission, and they’ve done a lot in the last several years to do that,” Jackson explained.

“This is just the first step of building out that mission and growing that ministry.”

The sanctuary will be serving chicken for the first time on Friday, March 3.

The menu will include items such as smoked chicken wings, a smoked-salmon soup, grilled chicken, and chicken tenders.

Jackson and other sanctuary members will also be holding fundraisers throughout the week to help cover the costs of the sanctuary, as well as provide food to the animals in need.

Jackson told NBC affiliate KENS that he hopes that the Sanctuary Food Drive, which began in February, will help raise funds for other sanctuary organizations.

“It’s not just a chicken, it’s a whole menu, so we’re going to be doing everything we can to raise funds to support those other charities that are doing good things,” he said.