What the church has to say about church’s chicken restaurants

Church’s Chicken Locations are Not a ‘Culture’, Church Says article The Trinity Church is not a “cult” according to its website.

“It is a faith,” reads the website, which has been updated to reflect this change.

“The church has a commitment to provide all its members the best and most sustainable meals, and to do so in an environment that is both respectful and sustainable,” the church states.

The website’s announcement comes amid growing concerns about the food chain.

In February, a group of faith leaders released a report alleging that some of the chicken locations in the US were unsafe and unhealthy.

In response, the church released a statement in which it said the allegations were false.

“There are some claims that are not factual, but are based on a misunderstanding of our practices and practices that are part of our culture,” the statement reads.

“As with all things in life, there are always differing opinions and differing viewpoints.

This is a personal decision that is based on personal taste, beliefs, and our faith.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the church at 888-565-9100.”

The Trinity Church was also asked if it would be changing its website to clarify its policy, but did not respond.