The red rocks church clip art and key to the red rocks story

A key piece of evidence linking Jesus to the Red Rocks Church of Christ is an image of a man holding a red rock.

The church has been in the news recently, as a church in Louisiana was burned to the ground and its staff were threatened.

The red rock was in a church on the grounds of the Red Rock Springs Resort and Spa, a private golf course, when it was found.

The images were recently found by the Associated Press.

They show a man who was carrying a rock with an inscription.

“The red rocks have a message.

We know Jesus loved the red rock,” said Pastor Jason St. John.”

When he died, he didn’t put his finger on it.

He didn’t say ‘go to hell.’

He put his hand on the rock and he’s saying, ‘This rock is your message,'” St. Johns said.”

I can’t understand why the church didn’t do anything about it, especially when they’re on a public road,” St. George Parish Sheriff Troy Hunt said.

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the stone was found by an anonymous Redditor on the internet.

St. Johns explained that the image shows Jesus in a red suit, holding a rock.

It was discovered at the Redrock Springs resort.

“There are people who have gone to the hotel and they’re sitting there in a bed, and I can’t believe they’re not looking at me,” he said.

St Johns said it is important to remember that this is a red stone and the image doesn’t necessarily mean the rock is from Jesus.

“If you look at the image, it doesn’t show his face.

It shows the rock,” he explained.

The man who found the rock told the AP that it was a rock that he had bought for $100 and it was covered with graffiti.

“It’s like a stamp, and that’s how you can recognize a rock,” the man told the newspaper.

The owner of the resort told local news station KTVT that the rock belonged to him, not Jesus.

He said he did not know who the person was or where he had acquired the rock.

He said he had taken it to the police department to see if they could identify the man who took it.

“You don’t see a lot of red rock on the property,” he told KTVG.