How sacred heart churches can save lives

Sacred Heart Church in Melbourne has come under fire for removing a memorial to the victims of the Victorian state floods.

Key points:A memorial to those who lost their lives in the Victorian floods was removed from a church in Melbourne’s inner west after concerns were raised by some parishioners”The removal of this memorial has angered many parishioner members, and we would like to apologise to them for the inconvenience it has caused,” the church said in a statement on Sunday.

It also said the memorial had been removed to “avoid further damage” to its property and “avoid a repeat of events” in the future.

The memorial was removed after the parishionership raised concerns, including that it might damage the property.

“The parishionery is concerned about the impact of removal of the memorial on the property and its ability to support its parishioning community,” it said.

“Our parishionering community have been deeply affected by the events in Victoria and it is important that we do not allow this to be repeated.”

The church said it was still working with local authorities to decide the best course of action.

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