How to celebrate Christmas in New England

New England’s Woodlands Church is celebrating Christmas on the banks of the Narragansett River in Connecticut, with the church’s leaders saying they hope it inspires others to join them.

The church said on Sunday that it is hosting a Christmas tree lighting event and an open house to promote its mission.

Woodlands Church was founded in the late 1800s by a group of New Englanders who saw the American Revolution as an opportunity to return to the land where their ancestors once lived.

The church is located on the Connecticut River in New Haven, Connecticut.

“The American Revolution gave them hope for a better future, and it is our hope that this event will serve to encourage other Americans to take the same path,” said Woodlands pastor Gary Ritchie.

“We are hoping that this celebration will inspire the people of New Hampshire and beyond to share the joy and spirit of Christmas with the people who come here,” he said.

“I am so proud of our church and I am so excited that our friends in New Hampshire are celebrating Christmas in the same way we are celebrating our own Christmas,” Ritchie said.

The Church said the event will begin at 10 a.m. on Sunday, November 28 at the church, at 901 Connecticut Ave., and will continue through December 6 at its current location.