Which church has the most Christians?

Grace Bible Church, a Christian denomination based in Mississippi, has a membership of about 10,000 members and has led a number of controversies in recent years.

The church has been criticized for its decision to remove a statue of Jesus Christ from a church in Mississippi’s capital, St. Louis.

Earlier this year, Grace announced that it would no longer have a church located in the state’s capital.

Now, it says it is building a new church on a property it bought in 2013.

Grace’s pastor, Mark Linsmier, has said that his church’s focus is to provide opportunities for the church’s members to serve in the public service and for churches to continue to flourish.

Linsminier told WND that the church has not been influenced by any outside pressure, and that the decision to tear down the statue was not a political statement.

“I’m not a Christian.

I’m not trying to be a politician, I’m a pastor.

I love this community, I love the people here.

And we are not trying a political thing,” Linsmins said.

He said he has not received a complaint from anyone about the statue, nor has he received any negative feedback from members.

“It’s about being a Christian in the best way that I can and showing love to those who have given so much for me and my family,” he said.

In 2015, Grace was also accused of trying to silence a woman who had been speaking at a church service.

Grace had reportedly called the woman a “slut” during the service, and she said the church had been disrespectful to her.

In a statement released the following year, the church said it was removing the statue in retaliation for what it said was an anti-gay sentiment in the community.

Grace Baptist Church, which has more than 10,500 members, is the largest Baptist denomination in Mississippi and is located on the border of St. Thomas, Mississippi, and Mobile, Alabama.

Grace is located in a part of St Thomas, where the Confederate Battle Flag was raised.

In 2016, Grace became the first African-American church to be forced to remove its Confederate flag, after being told to do so by local officials.

The removal of the flag came just weeks after Grace announced it would be building a $100 million stadium in Mobile, which was to serve as a home for the new stadium.

The team announced that the stadium was being built to honor the “great heroes of our history.”

The church says it was planning to remove the flag, but it had to do it in the midst of the South Carolina Civil War, and the city of Mobile said it had a right to do what it wanted with the flag.

The stadium has since been converted into a state park and will serve as home to the Alabama football team.

The state’s Department of Tourism says it received complaints about the stadium’s decision to replace the Confederate flag with a black flag and the removal of its name from the stadium, and has taken steps to address the issues raised.

Linnier said he was saddened to hear of the church moving ahead with the stadium.

“This is just a step in the right direction,” he told WOIO-TV.

“The church is building its stadium and that’s what’s important to us.”

Linsmas said he would welcome a conversation about the controversy surrounding the removal and the church is trying to make the change.

“If we can be the voice for the voiceless and the voicin’ then that’s great, but we’re trying to do that in a very peaceful way,” he added.

The Baptist church has also been embroiled in controversy over the past year over its treatment of a black man who was killed by police.

In April, a black former Grace member was charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Michael Brown, a teenager who was shot by a white police officer.

The charges were later dropped.

“We have a responsibility to protect the community,” Linniness told WYFF-TV at the time.

“But we are trying to keep it in context.”

In a June interview with The Associated Press, Linsmons said the congregation was not aware of the charges until after they were made public, and added that he believes that many people were still “skeptical.”

He said that although he is not a member of the congregation, he had been invited to the funeral of Michael J. Brown, the 18-year-old killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in August.

“When we heard the news of the death of Michael, we had a lot of conversations with people who were with us, and we talked to family members,” Linmins said in the June interview.

“Some of those people had not heard the charges.

They just assumed it was something out of the norm.”

The AP did not reach out to the pastor directly about the charges, and he did not respond to requests for comment from WND.