How to talk to a priest about his son’s murder

Posted March 06, 2018 03:25:15 It’s been almost two years since an innocent Texas parishioner was murdered during the church shooting spree.

The news that a woman was gunned down in her home and that a priest was accused of being the perpetrator has sparked renewed calls for a national church review.

The Dallas Morning News broke the news of the killing on March 6.

“There are still many questions about the priest, and what happened in the church,” said Pastor Rick Wilkins, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church in southwest Texas.

“It’s a little like the Cold War when we had to ask, ‘What was the Soviet Union doing?

How did they get into the United States?'”

Wilkins said he is not concerned about the backlash to the shooting, saying, “This is what we’ve come to.

We’re going to get to the bottom of it.”

Wilkins and other church leaders are calling for a review of the way the church is run and the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Wilkins has been a vocal critic of the Catholic Church for decades.

“If you’re not a Roman Catholic, you’re a criminal,” Wilkins told the News in January.

“The only way to save the church in America is to reform it.”

The priest who was arrested on March 2, accused of murder is accused of shooting and killing a priest during a shooting rampage at the St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in the town of Sutherland Springs, Texas, in March 2017.

He was arrested and charged with capital murder.

A woman who lives in Sutherland Springs was killed in the shooting.

The priest was also charged with murder in the slaying of a priest at St. James parish in June of that same year.

Wilcox said that he does not expect any change in the leadership at the Catholic church in Texas.

He said, “If the pope does not change the leadership, then he’s not going to change the system.”

In the wake of the Sutherland Springs shooting, Wilkins called for the appointment of a special commission to investigate the church.

He added, “I’m tired of the Catholics doing this to themselves.”

Wilcox also called for more accountability for the church leaders who led the shooting spree, adding, “You have to do something.”

In a statement, Wilcox called for “an immediate investigation and a complete, independent review” of the church’s leadership.

“No church, parish or organization can remain safe if it does not take a look at itself and its leadership,” Wilcox wrote.

“We need a change in leadership.

If we don’t do that, we’re all going to lose.”