When the Good Shepherd Church burned in Kansas, the church that survived it was ‘a good, old, white boy’

The Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Kansas has been burned to the ground.

The church was burned in the Kansas City area in June, 2018.

The Good Saviour Church in Lincoln, Nebraska was also burned in 2018, but was saved by its loyal members and the community.

The Kansas City church is still standing today.

The fire that destroyed the church occurred after the congregation was not able to pay their rent on time and the church was targeted for arson.

The town was on a “high alert” because of recent murders and mass shootings, according to the Kansas Secretary of State.

The charred remains of the church were discovered in September 2018, in a parking lot near a shopping mall.

The congregation was reportedly led to believe they were safe by a local man who appeared to be the pastor.

A man in his 30s was reportedly arrested after authorities said he helped set the fire, but no charges have been filed.

The news of the fire comes just days after a church in California burned to its foundations.

A church in the town of St. Mary of the Assumption, California, was destroyed by a wildfire that swept through the town on May 27, 2018, destroying more than 90 percent of the structure.

St. Michael’s Church in Lacey, California was destroyed during a fire that was raging in the area on March 11, 2019.