B.C. Anglican Church to hold mass for the baby baptists

The B.D.C., Anglican and United Church of Canada churches will hold a mass for a baby baptist at the St. James Church on Sunday.

B.C.’s Anglican Archbishop, Justin Welby, announced the service, which will begin at 7:30 a.m. local time.

It is the first mass for babies baptised by a baby-baptist in Canada since 2003.

The Anglican church has been a staunch supporter of the baptism of babies at St. James Baptist Church since the mid-1970s, when the church began holding the mass for children.

The baptism at St James was an important milestone in the church’s history, Welby said.

It marked the first time babies were baptised at the church.

“I am very proud of the church and how it has been able to stand alongside the rest of society in a time when the world was changing,” Welby told reporters at the event.

The event was part of an initiative to celebrate St. Joseph Baptist Church, which has been at the centre of controversy.

A former church official, Mark Bannister, was charged in February with three counts of fraud and breach of trust over the alleged use of church funds to cover up a child sex abuse scandal in the 1960s.

The charges against Bannisters alleged the church diverted funds from its church building budget to cover the costs of the alleged child sex-abuse scandal.

The church said it will appeal the decision and Bannisten’s case will go to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Bannister resigned from the church in August and has since pleaded guilty to charges that he misused church funds and improperly shared church assets.

In 2016, the church was forced to close and rename the St Joseph Baptist church after former pastor Mark B.B. BannISTER pleaded guilty in 2018 to a number of charges including fraud and abuse of a child and breach to trust.

According to court documents, Banniers church used $1.6 million in church funds from the early 1970s to pay for private lawyers for a lawyer who was charged with child sex offences against children.

Church officials denied the allegations, saying they were a result of a misunderstanding.

Bishop Michael Jackson, the bishop of St. Paul’s Anglican Diocese in British Columbia, was the church representative at the meeting at the Anglican diocese’s office.

“The intention of this service is to provide an opportunity for all people of faith and all faiths to celebrate the baptism that God in His infinite mercy has blessed,” Jackson said in a statement.

“Inclusiveness, reconciliation and peace of heart and mind are central to our Christian faith.”