Scientology Church to give ‘Holy Trinity’ church in India a name

A new religious organization has been launched in India to “recognize the sacredness and uniqueness of the Hindu God” and to “offer spiritual comfort to people who seek spiritual fulfillment”.

The Church of Scientology in Tamil Nadu is set to launch the ‘Holy Trinity’ Church, which will “celebrate the sacred unity of the Trinity, the unity of humanity and humanity’s divine origin”, the state government said on Wednesday.

The religious group said the name “is an appropriate name for a unique church of God which seeks to fulfill the needs of people, especially those in distress, in need of spiritual relief and support.”

The Church is seeking funding from the Centre, the Tamil Nadu government, and the Government of Karnataka to launch and operate the Holy Trinity Church in Tamilnadu state, a state in south India.

The Church’s website,, said the group’s goal is to provide “the best possible support for the people who need spiritual guidance and guidance in times of distress”.

The website said the church will focus on “promoting religious, philosophical and social awareness”.

A statement from the group said it will “build and develop a foundation for the worship of the divine Trinity, in accordance with its mission, and also to help the vulnerable and the needy”.

“The church will work with the community to build a more holistic and holistic community.”

“We want to create a more peaceful, happy and prosperous society and we will promote human rights and dignity to the citizens of the state,” the statement said.

The Church will also provide support for various religious organizations, the statement added.

The government said in a statement that the ministry of home affairs will “take a decision on the proposed name of the church in the next few days”.

In October last year, the state parliament passed a resolution “requiring the government to issue directions for the naming of the ‘holy trinity’ church”.

A petition on calling for the church to be named as the “holy trilateral” was signed by more than 5,000 people.

“We call upon the government, in particular, to issue a direction that the church shall be named after the Holy trilateral, the Union of Hindu and Buddhist Churches, the Sri Lanka Buddhist Association, the Buddhist Community of India, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Hindu Council of India and the Indian National Council of Churches,” the petition said.

A group of Hindu religious leaders called on the government on Wednesday to revoke the government’s decision to name the “Holy Trinity Church”.

“We believe that it is a violation of the Indian Constitution and the constitution of the country.

We believe that the government is making a mockery of the religious and spiritual heritage of our country and we feel that this is an affront to our sacred beliefs and our faith,” said S. Rajesh, the president of the Sri Lankan Hindu Association.

The group is also calling on the state’s chief minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, to take action against the church.