Bethany Baptist Church’s Motion Graphics Team to Grow with the Growth of the Church Motion Graphics business

Bethany, Pennsylvania (AP) A motion graphics company that’s become a model for faith-based organizations and nonprofits has been acquired by Bethany Baptists, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Baptist church.

The acquisition is for $5.8 million, according to the church’s press release.

The Bethany church has a mission to serve and grow through its ministry of evangelism, service and education.

The company was founded in 2005 by Pastor Brian Kibbe and his wife, Kim, as a means of helping local people overcome poverty and addiction.

The family opened a church in the Pittsburgh area, and has since expanded to include congregations in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio.

The move will allow the church to better compete with other faith-driven organizations that have begun to compete for a similar niche audience, said Jim Smith, vice president of marketing for Bethany.

Smith said the company has a long track record of success, including the acquisition of the motion graphics business of motion graphics firm Kalypso Media in 2014.

That acquisition brought the company more than a million people into the faith-focused industry, he said.

“We’re seeing some big gains as the growth continues,” Smith said.

Bethany Baptist’s mission to educate its members about God, to build families and to live in a compassionate and caring community.

The purchase is part of a larger $50 million investment in Bethany’s motion graphics and content development company, Smith said in a news release.

Smith says Bethany has become an attractive fit for the Bethany-Bethlehem church.

“Bethan’s mission is to educate and serve, and that’s something that has made it a very attractive candidate for this purchase,” he said in the release.

Bathroom-related violence was a factor in the board’s decision, the church said in its press release, but that the board was not aware of any violent incidents in the congregation.

Bret Curtis, the executive vice president for public affairs for Bethanys motion graphics team, did not immediately respond to a message left on his cell phone.

Smith confirmed that Bethany is a member of the Baptist Church in America.

The Baptist Church said in an email to the Associated Press that the church does not have an active or planned presence in Bethlehem, but has been an important community partner for Bethannys motion-graphics team.

Bears can be seen in the background of the Bethanese church motion graphics video.

The church said the video is the first of its kind to show the world what happens when the Bears play in the Dome.

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