Trump ‘banned’ from US presidential palace after tweet ‘inappropriate’

Trump has been barred from the White House for one day after tweeting a picture of himself kissing the head of the US Supreme Court.

The President’s office confirmed the ban on Twitter.

The President’s spokesman, Hope Hicks, tweeted: ‘It is with great sadness that the @WhiteHouse has banned Mr. Trump from the Oval Office.’

The president of the United States is a law abiding American citizen and should never be subject to discrimination based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability.’

He is entitled to express his personal beliefs on social media without fear of reprisal.’

His office is aware that the President is the subject of multiple investigations into his activities related to Russia and that the president has not been forthcoming in providing any details of those investigations.’

This decision was made because of the President’s failure to follow the appropriate protocol for a White House meeting and the President has repeatedly expressed his desire to cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.’

Read moreTrump has denied wrongdoing in his tweets, which were taken down by his Twitter account and subsequently re-posted by other outlets.

The tweet was the first time in recent history that the White house had banned a president from using the president’s personal Twitter account.

The ban is part of a broader effort to ban the president from the nation’s most powerful office, according to Politico.

The White House said the President would be allowed to visit the White Houses offices at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the Capitol and the White Room for business meetings and to have an official delegation on the premises.

The Trump administration said Trump had a personal delegation that included Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, White House Counsel Don McGahn and senior adviser Steve Bannon.

Trump also is not allowed to travel to Washington, D.C., for any other government business, including meetings with congressional leaders, and will not be allowed access to the White Supremacy Monument on the National Mall until the end of January.

He is not subject to a separate ban that applies to all federal employees and has been enforced in other administrations, the White Hill said.

The move follows reports that White House Chief of Station Scott Stewart and a spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General, John Dowd, were not allowed entry into the White Senate Chamber on Thursday, the day after President Donald Trump tweeted his initial tweet that had sparked a backlash from the public and the press.

Stewart had said in a statement: ‘I’m honored to be invited to join my colleagues and friends in welcoming the President to the Oval office on Thursday afternoon.’

The White Senate, which is used to briefing the president, also issued a statement saying that it had received no formal notification of the president and would ‘continue to work with the President on any matters that require us to do so.’