When Unity Church is in trouble, the Bible is going down the toilet

Posted by World Outpost on Friday, February 10, 2019 12:05:09Unity Church in North Carolina is in the news for one thing: The Bible.

The United Church of Christ is being sued by two former members over their church’s handling of sexual abuse cases, the latest chapter in a decades-long campaign to stamp out sexual abuse within its ranks.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in Greensboro, alleges that the church, which was founded in 1925, has a “pattern of engaging in conduct which is inconsistent with the principles of the United Church,” which was formed in the 1960s.

In a statement, the UCC said it was “deeply disappointed” by the lawsuit, but that it “respects the court’s jurisdiction and is defending the church’s position that this lawsuit is without merit.”

The lawsuit is the latest in a decade-long effort to stamp-out sexual abuse at the U.S. megachurch.

In 2014, a former church member, who was previously a member of the UMC, filed a lawsuit against the ULC for sexual abuse and assault, saying the church “had repeatedly failed to act on the complaints of its members, and failed to provide adequate and appropriate assistance to victims and witnesses.”

Last year, a report by the New York Times found that at least 1,000 former UMC members had filed sexual abuse complaints against the church.

The UCC and ULC declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The UCC did not respond to a request for comment.

The Rev. Scott Hoggard, the president of the denomination’s North Carolina chapter, told the Associated Press that he did not think there was anything to be embarrassed about.

“It’s not that we’re embarrassed.

We’re a church of Jesus Christ,” Hoggade said.