Why is there no church shooting in Texas?

What if there was a church shooting?

The answer, according to the National Rifle Association, is the answer is “yes”.

In the US, there are more than 2,300 mass shootings each year, a figure which has doubled in the past five years.

While most of the victims are children and teenagers, the NRA has repeatedly warned that the problem is not limited to such victims.

In a statement released last month, it urged all people to be “prepared to respond to such a threat, regardless of their religion or religious beliefs”.

In an interview with The Associated Press, NRA spokeswoman Andrea Peterson said it was “very concerning” that “we don’t have any mass shootings in America”.

“There are mass shootings every year in other countries,” Peterson said.

“It is time to start calling it what it is: a threat.”

In the aftermath of the church shooting, the gun lobby has come under pressure from gun control advocates and lawmakers, who are concerned that the gun control movement is too focused on the numbers and not on the real issues.