How to find a bible church for sale in India

Buyer beware!

Some sellers are selling their churches for below Rs 25,000 and others can go for more than Rs 50,000, according to a report.

Read moreHow to find an honest Bible church for rent in IndiaIf you have been looking for an honest, bible church that is not a pawn shop, you may want to look elsewhere.

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You may want the right Bible church, too.

The report says some of these churches have no owners, or are run by unlicensed or unlicensed workers, and that some are not even registered with the local tax authorities.

So, how to find the right church for you?

The answer lies in your budget.

Here are the best Bible churches for rent, according the report.

Here is a list of the churches in the top 25 cities and towns.

You can find a listing of all the Bible churches in India by clicking here.

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