Which of the Church Lady’s books have you read?

A church lady has revealed which of the church’s books she’s read, and which of her favourite ones she wishes she could have been a part of.

The book that got the most attention was The Lady Who Was Not, written by novelist David Sheppard, which tells the story of the birth of a young woman in the Scottish village of Bebbs, and the journey of the Lady of the Wood.

“I read it when I was in primary school and it was a lovely story and I was delighted to read it in the church library,” she told the Radio Times.

“When I got to university I just went and picked it up and it just became the bible of me.”

The Lady Who Came From the WoodsThe book is an autobiographical account of the life of the Scottish girl and her parents, who are both from the Bebans.

In the book, the Lady is the eldest of five children, who grew up in a farming family in the village of St Andrews.

“There’s a lot of good stories in the book and it’s all very real,” she said.

“It was really important to me that the story was really authentic and really felt real and lived.”

The story, which she has told to her own children, is also a moving portrayal of the lives of the sisters, who were all raised in the same house.

“My eldest daughter was born with Down syndrome,” she recalled.

“She was born in a hospital.

I was very upset about that.

She has a disability and her mother has a very big disability.

They’re very different.”

The book was a big hit at Bebby Baptist Church, where Mrs Sheppard has been a regular since she was a teenager.

“We’ve got about 100 people who come every Sunday, and there’s lots of children coming in for readings and a lot more people who are interested in the books that I write,” she added.

“And they’re really good to me.”