Trinity church cemetery’s new name, ‘Mary’s’

Trinity Church Cemetery in Rosemary, Maryland, is celebrating its first anniversary of its new name.

On Wednesday, the cemetery announced the name change to Mary’s Church Cemetery, which will be the new name of the historic cemetery in the city’s southeast.

The new name honors Mary, the daughter of James and Mary Beth Whitaker and a cousin of the late James Whitaker, who owned the Mary Whitaker Baptist Church.

The cemetery is a place for people to go for a worship service or a short talk, and for families to visit the graves of their loved ones, said Trinity Church spokeswoman Jillie O’Brien.

The name change comes just a month after the cemetery was renamed the Marys’ Church Cemetery to honor Mary and her parents.

The Mary Whitakers and their son James, who died in 1819, were buried in Mary’s Cemetery.

The Whitakers also served as the founding members of the Trinity Baptist Church, the first African-American church in the United States.

Mary’s Church was established in 1890 by the Maryes, and the Whitakers moved the church to its current location on North Main Street in Rosemont in 1949.

The newly renamed Mary’s is a memorial for the Whitaker family, and they will also be honored at their graveside service on Saturday.

The ceremony will feature the voices of several other family members, including their daughters, the Rev. Catherine Ann Williams, and two of their grandchildren.