How a New Church in India Saved a Town from Suicide

A church in the western state of Maharashtra has helped save a village from suicide by taking on a different role.

The church is called St Mark’s Church, and it has been serving people of all faiths and creeds in the village of Chirangadha for the past two years.

“The community has been asking for a place to worship, and they had asked for an Anglican church,” said Kunal, a member of the congregation who has been living in Chirangaadha since the congregation was founded.

“They also wanted a Hindu temple and a mosque.

But the parishioners in the neighbourhood didn’t like the idea of having a place for them to worship.”

After three years of hard work, they finally secured a place, with the help of the community.

The first meeting of the new congregation was held at St Marks Church on May 2, and on Saturday, the congregation of 10 people celebrated the opening of the place.

A priest from the church said the congregation is a “good example” of how a new church can help change a community.

“We want to help the people in the area who have lost their houses, and we also want to provide them with jobs.

We want to create jobs for the local community and to encourage them to be part of the society,” said the priest.

The new church has been equipped with televisions, a mobile office, computers, toilets, electricity, and other amenities.

The church’s mission is to serve people of diverse faiths and religions, said the pastor, S.R. Sharma.

“We want people to be able to worship with dignity, and to feel good about themselves.

And we want to be a place where we can share and be a part of life.”

The congregation’s activities include holding events like the “Jungle Festival” in which people can dance to music, read stories and have a chance to meet friends.

It also hosts a weekly morning mass and a Sunday service.

The community is now preparing for a big Christmas event to mark the opening ceremony of the church, which will be held at midnight.

“It will be a celebration of life and the joy of sharing life, and our aim is to create a positive atmosphere where people can have fun and learn from each other,” said Sharma.

The village has been suffering from a severe water shortage in recent years, and the church is trying to solve the problem by providing water to the community by providing piped water.

“Every year, we have to get water from a nearby stream, and every year we need to bring it to Chirangoadha.

We need to find a solution to this problem.

This church is a way for us to give water to our neighbours who are also poor,” said Shankar, a community leader.