Which church has the most money?

Which church is the most expensive in the world?

Which church does the most charitable work?

Which religion spends the most on fundraising?

Which is the best at raising money?

The list is long.

But this list is only scratching the surface of how important a religious institution can be to a person’s life, and how that can have a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

“You don’t have to look far to find a church that is doing good things,” says Chris Mardell, founder of The Church of England.

“There’s a number of organisations that work in this space that are doing fantastic work.”

So here’s the most important numbers that you need to know about the Church of Scotland.

Church of Christ in England (CCEO) In 2017, the Church paid out £8.4m in donations to charities, including the Church’s charitable work, which includes building schools and housing.

That includes £3.5m for the Children’s Society and £3m for St John the Baptist.

The total amounts donated in 2017 are £12.9m, with the biggest chunk going to the CCEE (Children’s Centre for Christ in Europe).

There are currently 18 CCEEs across the UK.

Church in Scotland (CSC) The Church in Wales has the second highest church budget per capita in the UK with £13,826 in 2016.

It is funded by a number the CSC calls the “Church of Scotland Foundation”.

CSC’s financial contribution to charity was £2,746,092 in 2017, with more than £5m going to St Mary’s Cathedral in the south of England and St Paul’s in Scotland.

In 2017 it also made a donation to St Michael’s Hospital in London.

St Peter’s in the East of England (SPE) SPE was founded in 1863 as the Church in the English and Scottish Borders.

The group currently has over 4,000 members in over 130 countries.

“The first thing I would say about the SPE is that it’s a really good organisation, a really well run organisation,” says Mardoll.

“It’s a great example of a really effective way of doing something which has the potential to really transform the lives and the communities of the world.”

In 2017 SPE raised £7,000 for St Paul and St Mary Magdalene’s hospital.

The SPE also raised £3,000 to build a new building for St Peter and St Peter College in Glasgow.

Church for Christ (CFC) The CFC is the UK’s largest Christian charity.

It has been in existence since 1996 and is the largest Christian organisation in England.

Its annual budget is £11.6m, and the CFC has been working on building schools in schools, giving out grants to local charities and supporting people in need in their faith.

The CCC has a long history of supporting the work of churches around the world.

In 2018 the CCC set up a partnership with the Salvation Army to build schools in Uganda.

“CFC does a huge amount of work around the country, and they’ve also got an amazing partnership with St Mary of the Angels,” says the CFA’s Dr Paul Brant.

“So they’re also looking at a number other projects, and so we’ve been working together on a lot of these.”

St Stephen’s Cathedral (STV) The St Stephen and St John’s Cathedral is the oldest surviving cathedral in England, built in 1204.

Built in a small church in north-east London in the 10th century, the cathedral is the seat of the Catholic Church.

It was consecrated in 1385, and was first used as a parish church in 1690.

St Stephen is one of the most revered churches in England and is celebrated on St Stephen Day.

In 2016, it paid out over £1m to the Salvation War charities.

St Matthew’s Cathedral and School (STC) The STC was founded by St Paul in 1320 and was established in 1391.

St Paul founded the school in Scotland in the late 12th century.

The school was built by the Scottish Church, and St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, visited the school.

In 1755, the school was transferred to the University of Glasgow and renamed the St Andrew University.

The St Andrew’s College is the university’s first dedicated building and a centre for social work.

In 2014, the St Andrews College was given £8m by the government to build and expand a new health centre in Edinburgh.

The University of St Andrews also funds the St Peter Hospital in Glasgow and the St Pauls College in Edinburgh, which offers a full range of nursing and social care.

The Church on the Hill in London (COH) COH was established by St Augustine in the 4th century to house the relics of the Christian martyrs.

The first church was built in the 6th century