River Valley church is taking a big step forward with new logo

The River Valley Church is taking its new logo for the first time and has opened its doors for a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the first anniversary of its founding.

The church was founded by Rev. Matthew B. Johnson, who later became a pastor and a longtime volunteer at the Valley Baptist Church in South Los Angeles.

The Valley Baptist has long been a destination for local pastors, but now is seeing an influx of new pastors.

In the fall of 2017, the church partnered with a local marketing firm to create the new logo, which was designed by The Riverdale Group.

The logo features the River Valley in a lush backdrop with the valley of the San Gabriel River behind it, a symbol of the valley’s beauty.

The church is a member of the Southern California Association of Retired Persons and has served as a hub for the Valley Church community for more than 40 years.

“We’ve always felt that we wanted to bring our church back,” Johnson said.

“I think that’s what this is about.

This is about bringing back something that we have always loved, and something that I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t been able to do.

The Rivervalley Church is the answer to that question.

It’s a little bit of everything, which is really what the Valley is about, is that we’re all connected, and that we all need a little something from God.”

The new logo features an all-black color palette that features a central red, blue and green symbol.

It’s the same font as the one used in the Valley Bible Church in San Gabriel Valley, the first Baptist church to open in Los Angeles, which also opened in 1997.

“It’s been a challenge to bring that to life, but the people that have been here for many years, the people who have been with us through the years and the people in the valley, it’s been really easy,” Johnson added.

“There’s a great synergy there.

They’re a part of the River valley community, and they’re a real family.”

The church’s website says it was founded in 1986 by Johnson and three others and has since grown to include more than 100 people.

Its mission is to help others find meaning in their lives and “to build the Kingdom of God in their community.”

In the past, the Rivervalle Church has served food to those who need it, but Johnson said he wants to give it a boost to bring more people in.

“I think it’s the first church that has a website where people can see all of the different resources that they can find,” he said.

“People who have seen our website can see that we are a church that offers food, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we’ve been a community that is very generous and kind and has given to the community.”